Into the nothing

Faded and weary

I won’t leave and let you fall behind

Live for the dying

Heaven hear me

I know we can make it out alive

Stay with me

You’re all I have left

I know we can make it out alive

Stay with me

You’re all I have left

I know we can make it out alive

She knows his secret, and now, The Governor and his men are hunting her down.

Piper Noble is left with two decisions – survive in the walker infested woods, or die at the hands of a disturbed and twisted man. With no other choice, she decides to take on the walker infested woods with The Governor’s loyal helpers hounding her. Will Piper be captured by The Governor’s men, or will she survive to live another day? How long can she elude the clutches of the leader of the Woodbury people? How long before she is just another walker head added to the tank?

What lies in store for Piper?

Harley Summers is just a survivor trying to stay alive in the apocalyptic world where the dead walk and devour the living. She knows what it takes to survive in this world gone mad, and isn’t very trusting of other survivors from past experiences. After losing the last member of her group, Harley is forced to survive all on her own, and so far she has adapted.

What happens when Piper and Harley meet?

What lies in store for these two survivors?

We do not own AMC’s The Walking Dead. The title of the story is credited to the band Breaking Benjamin for their song Into the Nothing. This is made purely for the reader’s enjoyment. I and my co-writer, dixiewolf, own the characters we make up along the way. I hope you readers will enjoy this collaboration. This is the first co-write either of us have done, so bare with us!

Do not steal ideas, please.

This Walking Dead fanfiction can be found on both and Just search the name!

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